Kitchen Sink Trends

I often come across maintenance issues in the kitchen that need repair or replacement.

When finding chipped, damaged or scratched sinks, my job is to make recommendations  to repair or replace the kitchen sinks.  Doing so, reduces the potential of price reductions, sometimes ranging between 5-7% of the sales price.

Kitchen sink trends state that stainless steel is out and non-traditional materials – copper, brass and integrated sinks are in.  Verify before purchasing a new sink what your market demands.

kitchen sink trends single basin

On the scene this year single basin sinks made it’s way as a kitchen sink trend, as a more functional option to the standard two-basin sink.

Homebuilders and trend-setters opt for antique copper or brass for a rustic farmhouse look.

Tip: minor remodels at a fraction of the cost, use current sink if in good repair and change the faucets to brass.

kitchen sink trends integrated concrete

Integrated sinks add continuity by using the same materials found on your countertop. The smooth, unified look and flexibility of materials, may include quartz, marble, and everything in between. No dips or crevices between the sink and the counter, with less room for dirt build up around the sink.

kitchen sink trends apron farmhouse

Quant farmhouse style calls for an apron front sink, the basin sit’s lower than the counter and the front protrudes off the cabinetry. The classic, functional style in porcelain, stainless or copper, makes for easy cleanup, because you can get closer to the sink.

The Cost vs. Value Report suggests that updated remodeling to the kitchen will reap you a good return on investment, when it comes time to sell your house.


How to Update the Bathroom To A Spa Like Retreat

how to update bathoom 2PHOTO COURTESY RIGVA.CO

Learn how to update the bathroom to a spa like retreat, usng fresh, contemporary sytles and soft colors that provides a feeling that restores, rejuvenates, and heals spirits.

Knowing how to update the bathroom to a spa like retreat, may be as simpe as painting walls soft tints of off-white or light gray colors.  Painting with Benjamin Moore paint colors in:

Walls: Aura® Matte 522 in feather gray (2127-60) Trim: Aura Semi-Gloss 528 in wedding veil (2125-70), are calming colors in the bath.

update the bathroom to a spa like retreat benjamin moorePHOTO COURTESY WWW. BENJAMINMOORE.COM
Trim: Aura Semi-Gloss 528 in wedding veil (2125-70), are calming colors in the bath.

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Home Improvements For Return on Investment


Getting the best bang for you buck is a must, when getting ready to sell and considering improvements for a higher return on investment and homebuyer appeal.

home improvements that really pay offThe Cost vs. Value Report is a good starting point.  Not all remodeling projects are not created equal, size and scope of project, quality of finishes and accessories dramatically affect the price.

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