Home Staging Denver Back to the Warehouse

“Sold” to the first homebuyer that toured the property after home staging, music to my ears!  

I’m getting ready to head over to the house that sold in Westminster, it’s ready for pickup.  Artwork, greenery, lighting, accessories, bedding, towels and furniture will all be packed up to be returned to the warehouse.

It looks like magic and ever so delicious when done but there is a bit of behind the scenes most folks aren’t aware of.  Budget and sales price discussed, vacant property toured, rooms measured and floor plans drawn up.

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Home Staging A Vacant Home In Denver

Home staging a vacant home in Denver (anywhere for that matter) is important if you want to sell quickly.

Last Friday I staged this Westminster, CO vacant home and 5 days later it was SOLD, true stuff.  The homesellers had a job transfer out state, leaving the property unfurnished.

Why would you stage a vacant home you ask?  Let me share why…

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