Home Stage the Exterior

Should spring be just around the corner and you are getting ready to sell your home there are a few tasks for getting your yard into shape prior to home buyer visits.

By taking care to clean up your outside yard areas you expand your living space for outdoor play and entertaining of family and friends. Painting a picture of lifestyle benefits of wining and dining boosts a properties marketing appeal and with that the sales price.

Transcend the walls of your home to show your outdoor sitting areas where buyers can imagine taking a break from a busy schedule that is just steps outside the door.

Take a critical look at your yard around you, then get to work! Here is a list to get you started:

  • Remove burlap from trees and shrubs as the weather warms.
  • Remove winter killed dead or damaged branches
  • Prune away winter-killed branches to make room for new growth.
  • Cut back and divide spent perennials to 4-5 inches
  • Cut back ornamental grasses to a height of 2-3 inches
  • Thin crowded beds of daylilies or iris
  • Cut back rose canes that have winter kill to 1 inch below blacked are.
  • pull up old annuals
  • Clean around plants by raking up fallen leaves and dead foliage
  • Prep damaged grass areas for reseeding
  • Sweep hardscaped patio areas
  • Remove damaged pickets or fencing and paint peeling pickets
  • Clean up the bbq or reposition from view

Home staging shouldn’t be confined just to indoors. Home stage the exterior by cleaning up the exterior of your home it extends the feeling home to your exterior spaces. Cooking, relaxing or just hanging out reflects lifestyle benefits that home buyers enjoy, work to capture that feeling of home outside.

Front Entry First Impression

Front entry first impressions

Image courtesy the Inspiredroom.com











Front entry first impression, Imagine you are pulling up with your car to a home that you are considering to purchase.  You can’t help but notice the front entry your first impression of the home.  What first impressions do you notice?  Is the door dented and dinged, paint chipping, hardware tarnished or dated?

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Home Staging Winter Curb Appeal

Home staging winter curb appeal for our shorter, snowy or dreary days makes lighting important when selling a home – homebuyers don’t want to be surrounded by darkness when they arrive at your door.  Outdoor lighting will add to winter curb appeal with an air of welcome, warmth, and accent unique features of your home or landscape, which can add value to your property.  The exterior lighting will increase the safety around your home to avoid slip and falls from ice or missed step.

If selling a home during winter months it’s still important  to keep deck and patios lit.  Painting a picture for home buyers to envision the possibility of barbeques and entertaining family and friends in the sunnier months ahead is an important aspect of any outdoor setting and adds great value to your home.

Its easy to forget the exterior when we aren’t spending time outdoors, but our exteriors play an important role in home sales.  Checking the following exterior areas will help in gaining a greater return on investment when it comes time to sell.

Home Staging Winter Curb Appeal

Repair split or decaying wood on the deck and be sure the wood is still sound.

Railings and banisters should be clean and secure.

Clean away any leaves and debris from porch, deck and patio, since these can be slippery and promote mildew.

Grills, fire pits, chimneys create a warm and cozy deck atmosphere, but make sure they and the surrounding areas are clean and free of charred wood.

Be sure all spent light bulbs are replaced and working; clean any light covers to allow maximum light to shine through, and trim any plants or tree limbs that may be blocking light.

Remove cobweb and spider webs from entry way and overhangs.

Be sure to clean all outdoor furniture.

Ding, dong, don’t forget the doorbell, replace if broken or dated, clean if dirty.

If you have trees overhanging your deck, make certain there is no danger of decaying limbs breaking free and falling from trees surrounding the deck.

Now, the dreaded four letter word, you guessed it snow!  Make sure the driveway is shoveled or plowed, sidewalks and walkways are free from debris (my neck of the woods its tumbleweeds, ugh) and de-iced.

Your welcome mat if tattered and worn will need to be replaced with a new welcome mat to create friendly, welcoming visual interest. Not to mention grab snow, mud and other dirt off the feet of homebuyers who will be visiting your house.

Home staging winter curb appeal if decorating for the holidays with outdoor lighting, should be kept simple. Clear or white lights tastefully strung and a simple wreath on the door, will be all that you’ll need.  The architectural detail of the house should be the shining star when you are trying to appeal to the broadest range of potential homebuyers.

Fall Holiday Home Staging Tips

fall holiday home staging tips

Image Courtesty proflowers.com

All right folks, Halloween and voting done, there are 22 days until Thanksgiving and 49 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes and some odd seconds until Christmas.  Whoopy :-).  Check out the following Fall Holiday Home Staging Tips to merchandise your home for sale with some holiday spirit.

So what do I tell home sellers to do when the grass has gone dormant and brown, trees have shed their leaves and many of the flowers that bloomed so brightly are slumbering for their long winters nap?  I tell them to add some colorful curb appeal for fall.  Planters with late blooming flowers add marketing pizzaz to make your home sales photos pop.

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Fall Planting for Spring Color

fall planting for sping color

Image courtesty of the gardenglove.com

Fall has just arrived!  The fall season is a favorite time of year for me.  Brightly colored trees, crisp night air to enjoy a restful night sleep.  Ahhhhh!

For me the mowing is just about over and here in Colorado the first snow fall hasn’t hit (but it could) and it’s time to start thinking of fall planting for spring color.

If you are anything like me, spectacular color at my curb and patio come first signs of spring is bombdiggity.

Planting tulips, daffodils and other bulbs in the fall will allow roots to develop before the ground freezes.

It’s exciting when the bright colors of crocus, daffodils, hycinth and tulips peek through the last bits of winter snow.

Here are some tips, when fall planting for spring color:

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How to Choose Exterior Paint Color

Don’t devalue your home or your neighbors’ properties, by not pre-planning out your exterior paint color.

Planning the colors of your home’s exterior should harmonize with the environment and the neighborhood in which you live.  Let your paint selection stand out in a subtle, unobtrusive manner.

how to choose exterior paint color wheel

Knowing how to choose exterior paint color and palettes will vary by architectural style, consolidating the range of color choices to select. Most styles have reliable color palettes to choose from.  Historical colors will not only enhance the style of your home but also enhance resale value.how to choose exterior paint color brick

how to choose exterior paint color stone

Brick and stone have many variations of color.  Coordinate your paint colors to reflect the same undertones of the material components of the roof, brick and stone into the color plan.  The enlarged images of the brick and stone below, show the variation of colors within the architectural element.

how to choose exterior paint color brick cu

how to choose exterior paint color stone cu

You could find your entire color palette just by photographing and enlarging the architectural elements of your home.

How to choose exterior paint color requires selecting colors that will include two or more colors for the trim and accents. Choosing a hue from the same color strip that is two or three shades lighter or darker than the field color, will assist in selecting the trim color.

Considerations will include:  the main field color; trim color for windows and roof lines; accent color for shutters, architectural details and doors (some people make the door a fourth color).   

Color speaks and studies show that color has a worldwide language.  Color evokes feelings, sends messages and conveys a message to those who view color.

Here are a few examples concerning colors and what they convey:

Pastel yellow gives the impression of sunny, friendly, soft.
Red is arousing, passionate, provocative, fiery, aggressive.
Green is balancing, natural, calm with the message of simplicity, security, balance.

All colors change character when modified by saturation and lightness to darkness.  This was a small example of color meaning.






Colorful Curb Appeal for Fall

colorful curb appeal for fall

Image courtesy mahoneysgarden.com

With plants on sale this time of year it’s easy to get colorful curb appeal for fall.  Breath new life into your curb appeal with decorative garden pots and hardy, bright plants that last beyond the first frost.

Plant mums with mounds of yellow, rust or purple to celebrate the fall season and add instant blasts of bright color.

Gaining notice for their fall-like hues and textures are, aster, heuchera and coral bells, with foliage that ranges in color from peachy brown to burgundy red.

colorful curb appeal for fall peppers

Image courtesty of lifebyluciene.com

Use edibles, like parsley, sage, miniature peppers and succulents.  Their color changes with the season as temperatures cool and become richer.

Mixing up leaf shape and color adds visual interest.  Small pots filled with colorful lettuce or decorative cabbage with heucheras looks lovely.

colorful curb appeal for fall grasses

Image courtesty of cmrinteriors.wordpress.com

The rule when planting your container –  a design technique called “thriller, filler and spiller”.

The “thriller” plant has height and provides the vertical element:   Ornamental grass, planted in the center if the pot will be viewed from all sides.  Planted in the back if to be viewed from three sides.

A “filler” plant is a mounding shaped that is planted around the “thriller” plant.  Use filler plants for the foliage not the color.

Draping over the edge of a planter is the “spiller” plant, much like Creeping Jenny.

Invite some colorful curb appeal for fall to your container garden party. Your guests will be sure to delight.

• Growth slows as weather cools, plant your pots full. Water, but not often as you did during the summer.

• Swap summer annuals for fall color: ornamental kale, a bronze heuchera, orange and red lantana, or miniature pepper plants.

• Use herbs such as sage and parsley and vegetables like spinach, chard and lettuce, they are cold hardy, edibles.

You can plant for the fall and have beautiful color for a couple of months.  If you are approaching the fall holiday and need some ideas check out the fall holiday home staging article for some great curb appeal tips.