Home Staging for the Holidays

Home Staging for the Holidays

Tartan and cable knit is a timeless pattern associated with the holidays. Try bringing throw blankets and pillows into your living room and guest room for a festive touch.

Presentation is everything when it comes time to sell, no matter if a retail store merchandising a store front window or home staging for the holidays.  Why heck, we wrap our holiday gifts in pretty paper, ribbons and bows to elevate its appeal to make it feel special to the receiver.

Home Staging for the Holidays 2

Set the mantel’s tone with faux snow in vases and apothecary jars.
Take advantage of the glass jars’ interior spaces to create a tiny winter scene and to introduce sparkle with traditional mercury glass ornaments.

With that said, we should be marketing our homes for sale during the holidays using home staging tips that raise the value and marketing appeal to the broadest range of home buyers.  Take a simple approach, keeping in mind that less is more just as your would when selling during any other season.

Home Staging for the Holidays 3

Set the mood with candlelight and metallic accessories to create drama in your space.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the Realtor survey data reveals, the majority of realtors feel that when selling  your home during the holidays, home staging should be put in place to attract potential buyers to make a home feel cozy and inviting.

Home Staging for the Holidays 1

Dress your counter or bar with ornaments and ribbons to bottles and glasses for images of a jubilant get-together.

Home Staging for the Holidays

  1. 80% encourage sellers to light the fireplace, I’ve talked about the importance of the fireplace in a previous post.
  2. 60% reccommend updating outdoor lighting for the shorter days and spotlight the home at night.  (I just wrote a post yesterday about this).
  3. 59% advise owners to use winter scented home fragrances before an open house
  4. 59% share styling the home feel to feel cozy through reading nooks and blankets on couches and beds.
  5. 54% encourage setting the table to showcase holiday entertaining.
  6. 50% advise playing seasonal music (non-holiday specific).
  7. 37% should put out some non-religious holiday decorations during an open house .
  8. 28% encourgage putting out all of their holiday decorations (including religious decorations) to make their home feel festive.
  9. 27% share styling some seasonal decorations that are non-holiday specific.
  10. 8% encourgage sellers to stage their home the same as they would any other time of year (no holiday or seasonal decorations).

Holidays can be stressful and let’s face it, adding the fact that you may be selling adds another level to the mix of being overwhelmed.  Give yourself the gift of  greater return on investment, a home stager is always ready to help with a home staging consultation or doing the work of home staging for the holidays for you.



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