Easy 10 Minute Home Improvement

Easy 10 Minute Home Improvement usb outlet kitchen

Images Courtesty Coolmomtech.com Hubbell Wiring USB Charger tamper resistant decorator duplex receptacle in white color features two 2.0 USB ports capable of charging two devices simultaneously.

Are you still using extension cords and electrical adapters on a two-socket outlet? Fortunately, I found an easy 10 minute home improvement that replaces a traditional outlet for an amazing outlet that includes USB ports.

My bedroom has one duplex receptacle on the wall within reach of the bed that only allows room for the flanking bedside lamps or an ugly extension cord.  The work area in my kitchen where I use both my CuisineArt, KitchenAid and Ipad for recipes only has one convenient outlet in which to work from.

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5 Star Hotel Bed Making

5 star hotel bed making

Image courtesy of www.aliexpress.com

Your bed provides the canvas for buyers to imagine maintaining a healthy, sexy lifestyle.  As the focal point of the bedroom styling your bed as seen in department stores and countless magazines, provides images of five star hotels and dreamy retreats.

Throwing the comforter over a pile of jumbled sheets and calling it a day won’t work when it comes time to sell your house.  If you want to get the look of a 5 star hotel bed, making the bed to give home shoppers the feel as if housekeeping stopped by to tuck in your covers, will be a top priority.

Make the bed feel sexy by adding soft, round cornered and padded headboards; high thread count sheets in summer and warming flannel bedding in winter.  The soothing and tantalizing sense of touch will make a memorable experience for yourself and buyers alike.

There is nothing like plump, cushy comforters as a cozy reminder that conjures images of slipping into bed for a good nights sleep.  Top it off with overstuffed throw pillows to provide a nurturing feeling.

Avoid the clutter of too many pillows, and big, oversized beds in small bedrooms. Position the bed away from but facing the door.

Stick with one color pallette of freshly washed fluffy bedding and linens.  Nothing feels more like a hotel room than crisp, white, soothing blues or neutral tones for a stress-relieveing effect.

5 star hotel bed making to get the luxury hotel look:

Start with fitted sheet followed with flat sheet.  Add a coverlet to extend past the sheet.  Folded down over the duvet to give the feeling of opulence. Keeping sheets, coverlet and duvet similar in color to those in the photo, serve as punctuation to a luxurious bed. If using a tall headboard, place the pillows vertically to break up the large surface area.