Selecting Faucet Finish and Style


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The return on investment for plumbing will vary from year to year and market to market. The importance of selecting faucet finish and style for your plumbing fixtures will add to your return on investment and increase your bottom line when it come times to sell your home.

As mentioned in my article about top 27 return on investments, updating plumbing depending on market can provide a 260% return on investment on average when selling a home.

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Top 10 Bathroom Mistakes When Selling Your Home

top 10 bathroom mistakes when selling your home

A list of the top 10 bathroom mistakes when selling your home and the easy, inexpensive solutions that homesellers can use to create good marketing appeal and update your bathroom into a spa like retreat.  Don’t fret, I’m here to help, let’s get going and I’ll share some tips that will get you on your way.

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1.  Not removing hard water build up and soap scum from glass on the shower doors, mirrors and tile.

Solution:  Use full strength vinegar to cut through the film, allowing to sit without drying for 5 minutes.  The streaks will literally melt down the drain.

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How to Update the Bathroom To A Spa Like Retreat

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Learn how to update the bathroom to a spa like retreat, usng fresh, contemporary sytles and soft colors that provides a feeling that restores, rejuvenates, and heals spirits.

Knowing how to update the bathroom to a spa like retreat, may be as simpe as painting walls soft tints of off-white or light gray colors.  Painting with Benjamin Moore paint colors in:

Walls: Aura® Matte 522 in feather gray (2127-60) Trim: Aura Semi-Gloss 528 in wedding veil (2125-70), are calming colors in the bath.

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Trim: Aura Semi-Gloss 528 in wedding veil (2125-70), are calming colors in the bath.

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Home Improvements For Return on Investment


Getting the best bang for you buck is a must, when getting ready to sell and considering improvements for a higher return on investment and homebuyer appeal.

home improvements that really pay offThe Cost vs. Value Report is a good starting point.  Not all remodeling projects are not created equal, size and scope of project, quality of finishes and accessories dramatically affect the price.

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How To Remove Mold and Mildew On Caulk – Cheap



Put yourself in the place of a typical home buyer or guest stepping into your bathroom. When you step into the bathroom for the first time, what catches your eye? If you’re like most people, it’s probably cleanliness and condition.

Yuk!  Is that mold and mildew on the caulk in the tub and around the base of the toilet? Instead of looking at the new bathroom fixtures, now you might be wondering what’s going on with the condition of the house in other areas you can’t see.

What’s worse, research shows you’re not likely to have a good impression. Studies confirm that mold and mildew on caulk makes a big impact on guest impressions.

So how can we use this information to protect  our bottom line and the first impressions of others when selling your hoouse? The answer lies in this recipe I found online to remove mold and mildew on caulk that gave perfect results.

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