Bathroom Trends Do’s and Don’ts

Life is fun and ever changing, but when it comes time to sell your home and updates need to be made, you may want to follow some bathroom trends do’s and don’ts to make sure you get a good return on investment.

Gray is here to stay! Gray was the “in” color choice for the bathroom in 2014, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Gray is a perfect neutral and versatile palette for traditional, modern/contemporary or transitional design. Darker grays are more dramatic and mysterious and the closer it gets to white, the more illuminating and lively it becomes (fyi buyers prefrer open light, bright and airy). Gray is not a 50/50 of white and black, gray can have tints of blue, green, pink, mauve or yellow within it which give it some energy. Adding white accents will give you a sophisticated look. Oh la la, add a splash of bold, eye-popping color, with accents and you’ve got the makins’ of delicious design.

Stick with transitional lighting, nothing trendy if you are updating to sell. Toss or donate original builder fixtures and add transitional lighting (also known as “updated classic”, “classic with a contemporary twist”, or “new takes on old classics”). Perfect for that “transitional” gray that can do double duty if you get bored, to go either with modern or classic design. Oh, don’t forget lighting in the shower and if you have some room an accent light on the counter or chandalier if you are sporting a big enough room.

FYI, traditional design is trailing behind contemporary, keep in mind the age group of the folks who will be buying your home (the average first time home buyer is 31).   Their tastes may be a wee bit different than what you are used to, if not among the same generation.

Home buyers are still looking for that spa like bathroom and Zen-like retreat that has earthy wood looking floors, tile made to look like wood is probably a smarter choice than the real deal in a particularly “wet” room. However, tile always has style especially if it is a good ceramic faux made to look like real natural stone or just plain real natural stone, there is nothing like it under a barefoot.

Interior designers are saying geometrics are in and I believe them. Me, the home stager says if I were you and getting ready to sell, I’d keep your geometric, bold colored tile to something more transitional and get your geometric trends on in your towels and/or accessories. Stay away from some of the trends that are more permanant when selling. Color and pattern do not appeal to the majorities, just saying.

DO:  Big showers, vanities with lots of drawers and technology, free standing soaking tubs,  water control like thermostatic mixers that can control multiple shower heads or a combination shower-bath. Benches or seats in showers, electric radiant floor heating, steam showers, no-threshold showers, comfort height toilets, comfort height vanities and while your at it, install one of the awesome USB ports to your electrical outlet for your smart phone.

Don’t forget to check out the National Association of Realtors Cost Vs. Value Report to see where you will get the best return on investment.

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