How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

how much does home staging cost

Living room after a staging consult I provided

The first question that I alway get when someone is interested in home staging is – how much does home staging cost?  I would like to think of home staging as more of an investment.

But, since inquiring minds want to know, I’ll get down to brass tacks and answer the question.  Sorry folks, I am going to write this post in few parts so you will have to check out How Much Does Home Staging cost Part II for all the service pricing.

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Top 10 Bathroom Mistakes When Selling Your Home

top 10 bathroom mistakes when selling your home

A list of the top 10 bathroom mistakes when selling your home and the easy, inexpensive solutions that homesellers can use to create good marketing appeal and update your bathroom into a spa like retreat.  Don’t fret, I’m here to help, let’s get going and I’ll share some tips that will get you on your way.

top 10 bathroom mistakes Picture 12

Image Courtesty

1.  Not removing hard water build up and soap scum from glass on the shower doors, mirrors and tile.

Solution:  Use full strength vinegar to cut through the film, allowing to sit without drying for 5 minutes.  The streaks will literally melt down the drain.

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Why Start A Blog?

Just in case you are wondering why start a blog, I have added some points to ponder.   I like the feel of a blog over a website.  Websites are static, feels formal, VERY professional  is one-sided and talks at you.  Clients have to call or sign up from the website to interact with you.

My blog is an extension of me and allows me to build relationship and regularly post information that I am passionate about that is helpful in the areas that I serve.  I have the flexibility to update and provide info of an educational nature through posts in a relaxed manner that allows for two sided communication.

I have the ability to add, media, sign up forms for newsletters, video, links, pdf’s, a store front, you name it the sky is the limit.  Through free or purchased plugins you can create, change and update as your specific needs require.  Below is a snap shot of this post on the backend (behind the scene).

why start a blog

Blogs also have the ability to share across Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn.  Should you choose, you can make money from google adsense, affiliate links and build pages to promote your own services and products.  You can do this all by yourself without having to hire a programmer.

You get the best of both worlds with a blog – both static pages (pages) plus blog pages (posts).  Each post has it’s own URL which become searchable on the internet, making it easier to be found.  You can tweak and adjust to your hearts content to improve your rankings, my blog from has a free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin.

I use WordPress, it’s easy and free, looks like a website through the static pages and a blog that I post updates to regularly.  It’s all in one space, with one tool. If you read my page How to Start A Blog, I discuss Bluehost that hosts my blog.

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Home Staging Denver Back to the Warehouse

“Sold” to the first homebuyer that toured the property after home staging, music to my ears!  

I’m getting ready to head over to the house that sold in Westminster, it’s ready for pickup.  Artwork, greenery, lighting, accessories, bedding, towels and furniture will all be packed up to be returned to the warehouse.

It looks like magic and ever so delicious when done but there is a bit of behind the scenes most folks aren’t aware of.  Budget and sales price discussed, vacant property toured, rooms measured and floor plans drawn up.

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2015 Color of the Year

2015 Color of the Year

Image Courtesty Benjamin Moore

I adore Benjamin Moore Paints!  Benjamin Moore announced the 2015 Color of the Year and it is lovely.  A natural neutral, Guilford Green HC-116 is a silvery green that works with modern and tradtion styles coming from their historical collection.

Ellen O’Neill, Creative Director at Benjamin Moore states “Guilford Green is the perfect thread to connect nature, spaces and interiors with color schemes that signify fresh energy and growth.”

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Change a Homebuyers Perceptions

change a homebuyers perception glasses

Image – Personalized Etched Drinking Glasses Anna’s Linens

Home staging like merchandising – helps to change a homebuyers perceptions.  Just as advertising and the media present products for sale to the consumer, home staging can have the same effect when merchandizing your home for sale.  Simple tricks like placing wine or bar glasses on the bar counter, create the illusion of entertaining friends and family.

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DIY Home Improvement Don’ts


DIY Home Improvement Don'ts

Image Courtesty Home Improvement

If you are getting ready to sell your home you may be thinking about a home improvement project to raise the value of your home and get it market ready.

The good, the bad and the ugly determines your return on investment.

Plumbing and electrical may be better left to the pros.  A job done incorrectly may result in health and safety risks to friends and family.

An electrical job gone wrong could lead to fire or code violations.  Water damage from bad plumbing work could lead to costly water damage repairs and cleanup, as well as secondary structural damage.

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My Family Came for a Visit!

I am totally beside myself with excitement.  My Dad, Stepmom and my Stepsister Kris (who I love dearly) drove 20 long, butt numbing hours from Michigan to Colorado.

johanna wells with family michigan

My Dad with Me, Linda and Kris in Michigan over July 4th.

For them it looked something like this:  Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, cornfields, cornfields, cornfields,  more cornfields then Colorado.

My MMA fighting son, Nicholas Clem is fighting in the Sparta fight and the family wanted to surprise him at the fight.  Here is one of his past fights, just in case you are curious.  He’s the one in the white trunks.

I haven’t seen my family since our 20 hour long, butt numbing drive from CO to MI over the Fourth of July.  My route looked the same as theirs, as it’s the quickest other than flying.

But if you fly you miss out on all that family bonding and “how much longers” and “are we there yets”.   Wink wink you’ve never heard that right?

johanna wells driving to michigan with chloe

Selfies! Daughter Chloe and Me on the Road to MI


johanna wells and nicholas clem nebraska

Nicholas and I. I pull over for just about anything! LOL

Kris has never seen our Rocky Mountains and the whole bunch of ’em have never seen Nicholas fight.  We are going to have sooooooo much fun!

Spur of the moment notice and me with a full house, had to reassign beds.  Kicked daughter Chloe to the sofa to allow the grand peeps a bed.  Kris is bunking with me, yeehaw!  But it’s ok cuz I’m happy they are here.

Have a full fridge, got what I could get done, done ahead of time and it’s nothing but loving up on my peeps while I’ve got them here with me.

Ps. I will update you on the fight and the visit later.  Until then, I’ll talk at ya later.