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Hey, Johanna here (or Jo like my family calls me)! We all want to retain customers, right? Monday Marketing Mojo is the place to come to learn marketing tips that I have found successful.

Today I’m going to share about an inexpensive, easy tool used to communicate with your clients. It is called an auto-responder.

Auto-responders are used to communicate with potential clients and past clients.

Your autoresponder is your 24/7 assistant that will take care of reaching your clients through their email inbox. News flash: giving you more time to do other things :-).

How it works: Emails are set up to go out at predetermined intervals to a user who subscribes to your email list. If you haven’t started collecting email addresses your autoresponder has an app that you can sync with your website or blog.

The first email that you send might be a Welcome email, thanking your potential client for signing up.

The auto responder will let you schedule all future emails at intervals that you have chosen.

Write your emails as if you are writing to a friend.  Share and be helpful.  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Set up some emails that step by step teaches some aspect of your niche.  Mine may sound something like “30 Days to a Clutter Free Ready to Sell Home”.
  • Perhaps you have written a book that you would like to promote
  • If you are a Realtor you could promote your new listing, informative articles about what is happening locally in the market in which you serve.
  • Have a newsletter?  Share your archives.  The best of past articles written!
  • Use your autoresponder to showcase how awesome you are.
  • Share tips, tricks and trends.

Be top of mind when your clients need your services by providing helpful email info. Check out how it works —->

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