My Family Came for a Visit!

I am totally beside myself with excitement.  My Dad, Stepmom and my Stepsister Kris (who I love dearly) drove 20 long, butt numbing hours from Michigan to Colorado.

johanna wells with family michigan

My Dad with Me, Linda and Kris in Michigan over July 4th.

For them it looked something like this:  Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, cornfields, cornfields, cornfields,  more cornfields then Colorado.

My MMA fighting son, Nicholas Clem is fighting in the Sparta fight and the family wanted to surprise him at the fight.  Here is one of his past fights, just in case you are curious.  He’s the one in the white trunks.

I haven’t seen my family since our 20 hour long, butt numbing drive from CO to MI over the Fourth of July.  My route looked the same as theirs, as it’s the quickest other than flying.

But if you fly you miss out on all that family bonding and “how much longers” and “are we there yets”.   Wink wink you’ve never heard that right?

johanna wells driving to michigan with chloe

Selfies! Daughter Chloe and Me on the Road to MI


johanna wells and nicholas clem nebraska

Nicholas and I. I pull over for just about anything! LOL

Kris has never seen our Rocky Mountains and the whole bunch of ’em have never seen Nicholas fight.  We are going to have sooooooo much fun!

Spur of the moment notice and me with a full house, had to reassign beds.  Kicked daughter Chloe to the sofa to allow the grand peeps a bed.  Kris is bunking with me, yeehaw!  But it’s ok cuz I’m happy they are here.

Have a full fridge, got what I could get done, done ahead of time and it’s nothing but loving up on my peeps while I’ve got them here with me.

Ps. I will update you on the fight and the visit later.  Until then, I’ll talk at ya later.




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