Change a Homebuyers Perceptions

change a homebuyers perception glasses

Image – Personalized Etched Drinking Glasses Anna’s Linens

Home staging like merchandising – helps to change a homebuyers perceptions.  Just as advertising and the media present products for sale to the consumer, home staging can have the same effect when merchandizing your home for sale.  Simple tricks like placing wine or bar glasses on the bar counter, create the illusion of entertaining friends and family.

Think of yourself as a visual merchandizer in a department store visually merchandizing your home into aesthetically pleasing vignettes.  Create an interior space that tells a story of wonderful moments to be shared with friends and family.  A monogrammed pillow or throw blanket makes the ordinary extraordinary, the blah, pop with pizazz, lending a hint of excitement.

change a homebuyers perception pillow

Image – Personalized Dot Accented Throw Pillow Anna’s Linens

Provide a story of how one might live in the home showing images that delight the senses and lead the buyer on a comfortable journey.  The ability to make the home appealing to the eye of the beholder in the print, web or live, helps an individual to linger longer. The longer a consumer lingers in an aesthetically pleasing home the more likely it is that they purchase.  Flowers in a simple vase adds a burst of color, adorns a table and elevates the importance of the room.

change a homebuyers perceptions signature vase

Image – Signature Vase Anna’s Linens

Prepare your home as if it is a  product being presented to the homebuyer/consumer.  Stores arrange products in a store in a way that will make customers want to buyand this is your goal when preparing your home for sale.  The goal is to make a customer feel comfortable, paint a lifestyle style story while shopping, so he is able to relax and visualize living in the home.

change a homebuyers perceptions life quote

Image Courtesty – Life Quote Framed Image Anna’s Linens

Display your artwork to encourage positive feelings, that a customer will want to replicate.  

Clutter free, clear purposed rooms, tastefully arranged, make it easy for buyers to navigate, and linger room by room, enticing the homebuyer to make a purchase.

Change a homebuyers perception

Image – Odyssey Bed In A Bag Grey Anna’s Linens

Let’s merchandise, lay on some magic by creating the illusion of lifestyle benefits that sell your home.








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