How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

how much does home staging cost

Living room after a staging consult I provided

The first question that I alway get when someone is interested in home staging is – how much does home staging cost?  I would like to think of home staging as more of an investment.

But, since inquiring minds want to know, I’ll get down to brass tacks and answer the question.  Sorry folks, I am going to write this post in few parts so you will have to check out How Much Does Home Staging cost Part II for all the service pricing.

I’ll start first with a home staging consultation, which runs anywhere from $150-$400 dollars.  Consults include a report that covers:

The weakest areas of the home that needs to be modified, or the items that need to be removed or relocated. De-cluttering, cleaning, repairs and bummer painting (everyone grimaces at that one).

The report covers, room arrangement of furniture, art, greenery and lighting.  Potentially window coverings, displaying accessories in pleasing vignettes, adding elements that draw attention to focal points or areas that may need attention drawn away from.  Recommendations of updates and purchases or rental of items that may be needed if budget allows.

how much does home staging cost

Dining room after a home staging consult that I provided

Some homes require more time than others, because there may be a whole lot of items to address in the consultation and report, so the homeseller can use the report as a road map to successfully prepare their home for sale.

On the other hand, there are homes that just need a little tweaking here and there to help make the marketing photos look smashing.  It’s hard for people to be impartial in their own home.  A stager has an impartial eye, allowing them to merchandise the home as a product for sale.

Home stagers also provide hands on staging of a property.  The stager provides the service of doing all that moving, hauling and placement of everything from the furniture, art, greenery, lighting and accessories.

A consultation and report would first be completed to allow for repairs, painting etc. prio to the stager being able to work their magic with the hands on staging.  On average for 4 hours of a stager providing hands on service (after updates and painting) their fees would start at a minimum of $375 for 4 hours of their time.

Again, some homes have more STUFF than others and pricing would be adjusted accordingly.  The good news, you don’t have to do the work and when the stager has completed the job, it going to look fabulous, sell faster and faster means more money because no price reductions for sitting on the market and no interest!



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