How Much Does Home Staging Cost – Part 2

how much does home staging cost

Home I staged sold to 1st homebuyers who previewed the property

As promised the much awaited answer to (drum roll please) How Much Does Home Staging Cost – Part 2.  In my last blog post I discussed pricing on a Home Staging Consultation and Hands on Staging Services.

Pricing will vary region by region based on some of the reseach that I have conducted.  So….don’t take my word for it, ask your stager how they price their services and what types of rental fees may be incurred.

Always remember that Home Staging costs are always less than your first price reduction.

how much does home staging cost 1

Angle from opposite direction-Only staged Living, dining, family rm, kitchen eating area and master bedroom. Budget $1379. Sales Price $300,000+

How much is a typical price reduction? Often, it’s at least $5,000, but usually $10,000, and sometimes more. And don’t forget that many homes go through more than one price reduction before being sold.

That means if you don’t stage your property for marketing photos and showings, your property has the potential of sitting on the market longer than a competing home in the same price range that has been staged.

Staged homes appeal to the emotions of buyers, paint lifestyle benefits that tickle a buyers fancy.  Staged homes, generally sell faster and faster means more money because you don’t have to reduce your price as your listing becomes “stale” without homebuyers.

In this post I will cover the cost of How Much Does Home Staging Cost for a vacant property.  I am only going to speak in terms of the rental of furnishings, art, greenery, lighting, accessories, bedding, rugs, towels.  This will not include major updates, repairs, new appliances, flooring, fixtures and the likes.

how much does home staging cost 2

This home sat on market for 3 weeks, including a price reduction before sellers decided to stage the property. October 2014 was staged and sold to the first homebuyers after viewing, 5 days after staging.

Generally the furniture that will be rented is for a 30 day minimum and prorated there after.   The investment of the furniture during that period of time ranges from 1-2% of the list price, staging all rooms of the home.  If budget is an issue some home sellers opt to only stage important rooms and leave secondary rooms vacant.  Obviously, less props used, less money to stage.

Other home sellers opt to stage vignettes or rent additional pieces to complement where their furnishings may be lacking.  I just consulted on a home the other day, where the home sellers had turned their formal living room into dining room.  I suggested renting the pieces to re-purpose that room into it’s original purpose.  It was a small formal only needing a sofa, chair, 2 end table and 2 lamps, I think the total was somewhere around $550.

Any home no matter the size or price range benefits from Home Staging.  All statistics show that staged homes sell faster than their unstaged counterparts in the same price range.

Oops, before I forget, home staging is a tax deduction when used to sell your home.


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