Home Staging A Vacant Home In Denver

Home staging a vacant home in Denver (anywhere for that matter) is important if you want to sell quickly.

Last Friday I staged this Westminster, CO vacant home and 5 days later it was SOLD, true stuff.  The homesellers had a job transfer out state, leaving the property unfurnished.

Why would you stage a vacant home you ask?  Let me share why…

  • Empty homes are creepy, cold and barren.  A home should be warm, inviting and welcoming.
  • Vacant homes make it difficult for home buyers to imagine how their furnishings would fit into the space.
  • With nothing other than bare walls and flooring to look at, buyers will focus on imperfections (dents, dings, scratches and cracks). Furnished properties help homebuyers to focus on the positive features of the home and visualize how they will use the space.
  • Nobody wants to hear the clickey clack of their feet as they walk on the hardwood floor.  Homebuyers don’t want to hear the echo of their voices, the fridge motor running, squeeky doors or the hum of the furnace.  Furniture, drapery, area rugs absorb sound.  Not to mention speaking privately about the home for fear that the agent will hear what they say.
  • Floor plans can be a bit confusing.  Furniture paints the picuture and function of how the space within a room could be used or if it has enough room to fit all their stuff.
  • There is no reason to linger if there is nothing to look at.  The longer a homebuyer lingers the longer they have to imagine how they would fit into the home and find more things to like.  They will be able to remember features of the home better.
  • Buyers assume that a seller is desperate and eager to sell, resulting in lower offers.  
  • Last but not least, photos of vacant rooms are boring!

I hoped that this info was helpful.  Always open to hear your opinion on the matter!


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