Painting When Selling a Home

Painting when selling a home provides a whooping 148 percent return on investment with dramatic results and little investment.

Repair any damaged interior walls by patching all chips, cracks, dents, dings and holes; then touch up or repaint interior walls with neutral color.  Wanna know the priority rooms?  Read on…

Why pray tell do we home Stagers request neutral paint? Light colored neutral paints in gray and beige are fail safe timeless colors that are versatile in both contemporary or classic settings.

Neutral paints look super with natural woods or white trim. It will blend with cool blue and green furnishings as well as red and yellow. Painting neutral is ideal for home buyers and makes it possible for them to imagine their furnishings in your home.

Most folks groan when I recommend painting their home for sale. So remember that home buyers will groan as well. It their budget is tight and they have used a good part of their savings to qualify for a home purchase, the money won’t be there to make the paint changes themselves.

Painting freshens a space and provides the feelings of a clean well maintained home.
The online marketing photos will look best to potential buyers in current neutral paint trends, assisting in the marketing appeal.

Remember home buyers prefer open, light, bright and airy, your neutral paint selection should keep this in mind.

Your best bet when painting is to keep the walls neutral and the ceiling and trim in a crisp white.

Should time and budget be a consideration in order of importance paint:
Living room: One of the most important rooms in a home. Where families relax and spend time. a slightly bolder colour such as a light brown, can work well in a living room to make it feel warmer and affable.

Kitchen: Also one of the most important rooms in the home. A kitchen can make it or break it for potential buyers, so a solid impression is important.

Bedrooms: Will be shown to potential home buyers, they won’t be as important as the kitchen and living room. Place more importance on the master bedroom to appeal to couples.

Bathrooms: Unless you own a palatial home, your bathrooms are going to be small. Like the kitchen, bathrooms – in particular the main bathroom for the master bedroom – can be a deal breaker. Lighter neutral colours will make the bathrooms appear bigger, but try not to make them too light or they will appear drab.

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