Home Staging A Comfortable Home

Nearly 70 percent of about 6,000 home owners surveyed by website Houzz said they’re happiest in rooms that are comfortable. When it comes to hooking a buyer, be mindful that your listings not only are stylish, but also show off some comfort too.

Following are some great ideas to home staging a comfortable home:


1. Nothing says “comfortable home” like the sight of soft warm light from, firelight, or lamps. Make sure you distribute lamps set invitingly on tables as most overhead lighting tends to be harsh.  For vacant property the use of lighting in home staging is imperative, buyers prefer open, light, bright spaces.  Make use of a staging professional to lease much needed lighting and or buy or borrow.


2. Use accessories with interest, like paintings, objects of art, and things from nature to make a home feel cozy and special. Our eyes enjoy resting on things we consider beautiful; it makes us feel at peace.  The use of greenery when home staging does alot for visual appeal to soften the hard lines of walls and surfaces.  Adding color through the use of art, accessories and accent chairs for an extra pop of color are coming on strong design trend that adds much needed bursts of color to add visual interest.  Rugs add color and warmth.

3. Soft, natural fabrics from a throw blanket draped over seating and beds give the feeling of comfort and reduces the hollow echo of an empty home.  The purchase of a home is an emotional endeavor, appealing to all of the senses psychologically hits home with home buyers.

4. Texture invites exploration and discovery. Natural textures of stone, marble, twigs and shells invite touch.  Wider, reclaimed wood and wood-like porcelain floors have gained popularity in 2014.  Incorporating craftsmanship and time-honored materials, styles are shifted from traditional and detailed to more transitional and mid-century modern, since cleaner designs tend to give a kitchen a more timeless look.while utilizing modern 

5. Cleanliness lends itself to the feeling of a comfortable home. Surfaces that feel dusty, dirty, greasy, or sticky won’t lend themselves to coziness.

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