How To Give Homebuyers What They Really Want Pt.2

Yesterdays post talked about your target market and what a typical homebuyer looks like. Today I’m going to cover what a typical seller looks like and how it will be important to you when you are getting ready to sell your home.

  1. 40% of home sellers traded up to a larger sized home.
  2. 47%  purchased a more expensive home.
  3. 53% percent purchased a newer home.
  4. The typical seller lived in their home for 10 years.

Remember yesterday I had mentiond that seller received 97 percent of the listing price, and 45 percent reported they reduced the initial asking price at least once.

With sellers moving up into a larger home, they are looking for more space, so it’s going to be really important to showcase your home by removing clutter and extra furniture pieces.

It is equally important to merchandise your home.  Visual merchandising is a retail strategy that maximizes the aesthetics of a product with the intent to increase sales.  Visual merchandising in this case home staging can also play a role in the look, feel and lifestyle benefits that a home provides.  Done well, it can create awareness in your marketing photos online presence while simultaneously increasing a home perceived value. Most importantly, it can draw homebuyers in and close the sale – all based on the aesthetic quality of your home.

In a nutshell those same sellers are home buyers, looking to move up into spacious homes, into more expensive and newer homes.  The goal of staging will be to paint the picture that your home can provide what homebuyers are looking for.

Success factors of home staging include the home’s appearance, updates, lighting, artwork, greenery, color, furniture, textures, presentation and the “wow” factor each of these elements bring together in a homes setting.  When these elements come together to showcase a home, it enriches the homebuyer experience, leading to a positive home buying experience and increased offers and faster sale.

Tomorrow in order of priority I’ll share how to stage your home, what updates will give you the best return on investment and how to merchandise the home for a wonderful “wow” factor.

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