Easy 10 Minute Home Improvement

Easy 10 Minute Home Improvement usb outlet kitchen

Images Courtesty Coolmomtech.com Hubbell Wiring USB Charger tamper resistant decorator duplex receptacle in white color features two 2.0 USB ports capable of charging two devices simultaneously.

Are you still using extension cords and electrical adapters on a two-socket outlet? Fortunately, I found an easy 10 minute home improvement that replaces a traditional outlet for an amazing outlet that includes USB ports.

My bedroom has one duplex receptacle on the wall within reach of the bed that only allows room for the flanking bedside lamps or an ugly extension cord.  The work area in my kitchen where I use both my CuisineArt, KitchenAid and Ipad for recipes only has one convenient outlet in which to work from.

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Stainless Steel Appliances Look for Less

Stainless Steel Appliances Look for Less

If you are going to upgrade your kitchen to appeal to the masses, then there is nothing like Stainless Steel appliances for your best return on investment.   Buyers love it!  But when it is not in the budget what’s a home owner to do?  Why, get the stainless steel appliances look for less, of course.

The faux stainless steel has been featured on on Food Network, QVC, DIY Network, NBC and the Today Show.

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Fall Holiday Home Staging Tips

fall holiday home staging tips

Image Courtesty proflowers.com

All right folks, Halloween and voting done, there are 22 days until Thanksgiving and 49 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes and some odd seconds until Christmas.  Whoopy :-).  Check out the following Fall Holiday Home Staging Tips to merchandise your home for sale with some holiday spirit.

So what do I tell home sellers to do when the grass has gone dormant and brown, trees have shed their leaves and many of the flowers that bloomed so brightly are slumbering for their long winters nap?  I tell them to add some colorful curb appeal for fall.  Planters with late blooming flowers add marketing pizzaz to make your home sales photos pop.

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How Much Does Home Staging Cost – Part 2

how much does home staging cost

Home I staged sold to 1st homebuyers who previewed the property

As promised the much awaited answer to (drum roll please) How Much Does Home Staging Cost – Part 2.  In my last blog post I discussed pricing on a Home Staging Consultation and Hands on Staging Services.

Pricing will vary region by region based on some of the reseach that I have conducted.  So….don’t take my word for it, ask your stager how they price their services and what types of rental fees may be incurred.

Always remember that Home Staging costs are always less than your first price reduction.

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